The Big Picture

A house feels so much more like home when it’s been designed to fit your lifestyle.

To envision the ideal space, consider the following:

  • We start with an assessment of your home and property that addresses the areas that typically need improvement: insufficient storage and workspace; open living space and the relationship between rooms; accessibility; natural lighting; lot orientation; heating and cooling; relationship to neighboring properties; deterioration; and integrating the yard with the home.
  • Equate your house to clothing bought off-the-rack: large, medium or small, too generic to be a “perfect fit”. Just like clothing, your house should be tailored to suit your needs.
  • You may be able to better utilize the existing square footage within your current floor plan before exploring the option of expanding the footprint.
  • You are paying for every square foot of your home and property, so you should benefit the most from both the interior and exterior. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms—any room—as well as the surrounding property can be customized to fit the family members.


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Experience Living in a One of a Kind Design

Start to finish, we work together to make your home one of the most important places in your world.