Creating the Design

We will start by meeting and discussing your individual needs and wants.

  • Initial meetings focus on the present layout of the home. My background in structural framing will help determine what portions of the structure can be efficiently altered.
  • You may think some items on your wish list are cost-prohibitive; however, experience knows more possibilities are available. Share your ideas, even if they seem out of reach.
  • As your designer, it is my duty that I share as many possible alternatives with you so you when all is completed you won’t hear yourself saying, “I wish I had thought that earlier”.
  • Walls, ceiling and floors can be designed to provide architectural interest for furniture, and artistic touches e.g. niches, galleries, displays, plantings, lighting, built-ins, conveniences, widow seats, elevations.

You will be asked to create a few lists to help us create your dream design.

You can help me understand your vision by providing lists, both tangible and abstract, and to include photos with your ideas that convey your tastes. Lists should take into account each member of the household, and I recommend that everyone write their own thoughts before the lists are discussed together. It’s often surprising what we learn about the others around us this way.

There are three lists to prepare:

  1. Desired physical elements for each room you do want, including size and the proximity/relationship between rooms.
  2. Physical elements you do not want, whether they exist in your home or elsewhere, and to add that I have observed that there is a tendency to overlook the annoying little things that we become accustomed to.
  3. Architecture evokes emotions: remember how you feel while standing in a grand place or while relaxing in an intimate space. Delightful, inspiring, spiritual, communal, cozy—express what design qualities you want to bring into your own world.

Art works in architecture

There is no question that your completed home will look great and the workmanship will last, but more importantly, how does it feel all around you?


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Experience Living in a One of a Kind Design

Start to finish, we work together to make your home one of the most important places in your world.