Building Your Design: Step by Step

Start to finish, we work together to make your home one of the most important pieces of your world.

Ultimately you are responsible for selecting the designer and contractor who will serve you best. Designers are artists, each have their own style, and each contractor builds as they have practiced. Building codes enforce health, safety and efficiency regulations, not aesthetics or the quality of assembly. Owners should not expect the same quality from each service provider.

This is the building process you’ve selected when working with Davis Artisan Builders

Remodeling requires a different approach from new construction. New construction focuses on the fundamental steps of assembly without obstructions, whereas remodeling reveals designs, materials and assembly methods that have failed and need to be modified to ensure longer life for the new work.

Concept to completion, the designer and the contractor are one and the same. All questions regarding design, construction and schedules are brought to one person and answered without delay. This is far easier and faster for you to communicate any concern or changes you wish to make.





As plans are drawn, the trade professionals who will be working on your project are consulted. Their expertise resolves problems during the planning stage which saves time and money during construction by identifying and solving problems before construction starts so unexpected costs are reduced.

Throughout the building process, local services and suppliers are used. Their familiarity of the town, other tradesmen and building officials has created a congenial working atmosphere with quality results—they are dependable, honorable and take pride in a job well done. You are supporting our professional neighbors and local businesses as well as benefiting from their local knowledge and networking.

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Start to finish, we work together to make your home one of the most important places in your world.