Designing and Building  Around You

The Davis Artisan Builders is a local group of experienced independent tradesmen and artists that work as a local design-build service that specializes in remodeling. Our designer and general contractor, Lauren Vaage, has been working with local homeowners for over 30 years to create many of the inspired designs that dot Davis’s streets.

Spotlight: A Clever Reuse of Borded Windows

In this remodel we had an opportunity to reuse old painted over windows to bring natural light into this space, but the windows were painted over for a reason. Long before this remodel much of the house had a flat roof that was converted to a pitched roof, extending the roofline and adding an attic just beyond the windows. At which time they were painted over as no one wants a view of their attic, so we created this small illusion by adding skylights in the attic that funnel the natural light through these long-disused windows.

Spotlight: Tree Roots and Driveways

Tree roots and driveways rarely mix well, and just out this photo’s frame is a large and old tree that ripped apart the former driveway. Traditional construction methods would have cut too many of the tree’s roots for it to continue living. Instead, the driveway was designed around the protruding roots creating dry creek like channels. Of course, the roots will continue to grow, which would crack the driveway if we had not reinforced it with steel rebar.

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